One more Church is attacked in Agra.

Today on 11/11/2018, Pastor Vishal Kinder and his congrigation ,while they were having Sunday worship in their own property a mob of young guys from religious fanatics attacked their church and they were trying to disrupt the Sunday worship. Pastor Vishal called the local police and they came. After the intervention of police, the young men fled away from their. Plrase pray for pastor Vishal and Rays of joy ministries Agra.


Gandhari Mob attacked pastor and his son

img-20181109-wa0056Today on 09/11/2018 Pas.Christhudas of Baptist Church Gandhari village Kamareddy District & his son Hanok were physically attacked by religious fundamentalists, the mob severely beaten up and tore their shirts and created a big chaos this afternoon at Gandhari village.

When contacted the victim , Hanok son of Ps Kreestudas, according to him the local religious leaders and different Fundamentalists groups have targeted them right from Ganesh chaturdi and they gave a complaint to police earlier on the church stating the church is causing sound pollution, ( ironically they made this complaint during Ganesh Chaturti), Police told them to mind their own business as every one is equally causing sound pollution. they carried this grudge and to threaten them further to stop practice of Christianity in the village and used occasion of pastor cleaning a small piece of land next to Baptist church premises to attack him and his son today.

Gandhari Police took them to Sadasivanager police station. When contacted,
Mr. Yellareddy Deputy Superintendent of Police  Kamareddy & Sub – Inspector of Gandhari said they  (Pas. Christudass & his son Hanok) were kept at police station for their safety.

Just now police took them to their home under security.

Please pray for their safety and security.

Situation is worsening by the hour in the village ,tomorrow all the opposition groups, the fundamental religious groups are uniting to stop the worship and planning to remove the Church from the village. today village panchayat the local governing body has made an announcement in this regard.

The situation is dangerous but when we expressed our concern, the police has assured the safety of the pastor and his family.

Hanok also further stated that he was shocked to see his agemates who were friendly with him earlier also were among those who attacked them..
but Police have stepped in right in time and saved them from life threatening situation. they have secretly moved them from Gandhari PS to Sadasiv Nagar as Gandari situation started heating up with villagers began a rasta roko and Dharna.

bottom-line: Hanok expressed they are safe now as whole church is with right now at their home and police have assured full safety to them.

Please Pray.

Today 10/11/2018

After engaging our Allied adv Stephen* and a Pastor (old victim ) on ground , and constantly speaking with pastor’s son, and thankfully bro in-law of pastor came in support of lodging a complaint ,*a complaint with attempt to murder and intentionally blocking police from performing their duties*_ is lodged !

There is FIR filed too.

Pray that the Justice be done to the victims in this case.

One more Church Burnt.

On 7.11.2018 around 7 pm IPC Bethesda Prathana Bhavan was burnt by religious fanatics at Kiddi Village, Harjowal Tehisil, Gurdaspur dist, Punjab.

The church situated 2 kms from the village.

Pls pray for Pas.Satpal & church members.

Gaya pastor was beaten-up for worshiping the Lord on Sunday.


On 04/11/2018  Pastor Bengali Das, Village Tetuva, near Jahanabad. District Gaya, Bihar.  severely beaten by the radical mob of 30-40 people  they came and disrupted the worship service and started beating him and other believers. The believers saved the Pastor other wise situation ciuld have been even worse. He became unconscious and some people took him to the hospital. He got serious injury in chest and hands. After getting first aid medication and Glucose he came to his senses. He has been brought back to his home because of financial crisis he did not had enough money to pay to the doctors please pray for him as his life is under threat.
Two months ago religious fanatics along with Police stopped his Sunday worship and asked him to vacate the rented property.
Later he started having Sunday worship in the evening close to a river in Tetuva Village, District Gaya, Bihar and it was a land which belonged to state government. The local Police from Tetuva Pplice Station put pressure on  the Pastor to compromise with the culprits. Now police  has asked him to build his own house and then he can have his worship service. At least 140 to 150 believers attend service in Tetuva Village and other than this he has churches in 4 other locations. Please continue to pray for him and his family. That the Lord will bring peace in this situation.

…. it happens in your heart….




False accusation again, Can a man convert an other man ?  Conversion is a personal conviction, it happens in your heart.

On 4th November 2018 in Fatehpur. Religious fanatics attacked Pastor Sunil’s house with accusation of conversion. There was a fellowship going on there in the morning, with people from the neighborhood who started to come to his house of their own accord for prayer and deliverance. The police also later came and questioned everyone (around 40 new believers) and all of them testified of life change and their own choice to come there for prayers. 2 doctors from our hospital and my son was there also. They couldn’t find any conversion issue there. Then they asked to see the documents of the organization. All that was in good order and Sunil’s organisation is a registered religious trust so they can hold church at their house. So finally the police concluded that since they were holding the prayer without permission, that was wrong. Higher authorities whom Sunil knew and contacted also intervened. The bajrang Dal didn’t succeed.
But today morning the fanatic group has filed another FIR in local police Station against Pastor Sunil.
Please continue to pray for him so that he will not be arrested because it is a festival time and if he gets arrested he will have to be in jail for 4 or 5 days. Please pray that the protection to exercise the freedom of conscience and belief, which is a basic fundamental right of a citizen of India.

Agra Mob attacked pastors’ private meeting.

On 30/10/2018 afternoon Pastor Sam P. Jacob who is ministring in Agra since an year had organized a leaders meeting. While they were having meeting in Samovar Hotel. B2 level which is fully soundproof hall, Tazganj, Agra. The worship has started , as soon as the worship was completed, A group of religious extremist came along with the Local Police and they started beating the Pastors & Leaders in front of the Police. Using hockey sticks. They disrupted the meeting, started shouting anti Christian slogan. They attacked Pastor Sam physically while police was present. Later on the police took Pastor and 12 other christians including few ladies to the Police station.
Yesterday the victims could file an FIR, and the culprits are booked.

Bow link takes you to the news articles related to this incident in the secular media.

UP Police probe 7 Agra pastors who were assaulted, not their assailants